As a group of 55 independent UK boarding schools welcoming international students from both inside and outside the European Union, BAISIS (British Association of Independent Schools with International Students) recognises that there are difficult times ahead as parents, students and educational agents come to terms with the result of the recent EU referendum.

We should remember, however, that leaving the EU will not happen for some time and during the exit process there will be opportunities to influence future policy. We do not anticipate short term changes to the visa system and, if and when a full exit does occur, expect that there will be no significant difficulties for EU students entering UK schools. In the meantime, the fall in the value of the pound makes fees for international students more affordable.

However, there is already evidence that some EU students and their parents believe that they are no longer welcome in our country and our schools. We urge our members and others to do everything they can to reassure prospective parents and educational agents that this is very far from the truth and to stress that the UK remains a safe and tolerant society.

If we do leave the EU, BAISIS will lobby to ensure that all co-validation agreements remain fully in place, so that students returning to their home countries with UK qualifications can be confident that these will be recognised.

BAISIS (British Association of Independent Schools with International Students) is a not-for-profit organisation which exists to share best practice in academic and pastoral provision for international students in UK boarding schools.