Abingdon School’s Design & Technology department have been busy producing much needed PPE visors for local GPs and healthcare workers. 

Members of the department have joined D&T departments up and down the country using their design and manufacture knowledge and machinery to produce the visors, that local doctors, many of them parents have been calling for.

The frames are laser cut from polypropylene and the replaceable visor is simply an acetate sheet, allowing the user to quickly replace the screen as needed.

We have currently produced and assembled the first batch of 200 which have already been distributed to local Abingdon surgeries. Many parents working in the NHS have also been in touch and have now received several boxes of the shields. There has been great support from companies near and far with the supply of equipment and the offer to produce the frames industrially.

There are another 200 in the production line and we intend to keep producing them while there is a need to support and protect our frontline NHS staff.

Follow our progress on twitter and Instagram – @abingdondesign 

Quote from Michael Windsor, Headmaster:

“In these challenging times, it has been uplifting for Abingdon School and Abingdon Prep staff to be able to help, even if only in a small way compared to the supreme effort from NHS staff and other key workers. We have supplied goggles from our science centre to the Haematology and Oncology Unit at the Cancer Centre at the Churchill Hospital, spare masks from the Health Centre have been sent to GPs running a fever clinic and our 3D printers in Design & Technology are being put to good use making face shields for NHS workers. We have also offered our boarding accommodation for use by the NHS. Many of our staff who can offer their spare time have joined the hundreds of thousands who have volunteered to help the NHS and we continue to keep Abingdon Prep open throughout the holidays for the children of key workers.”