The All Party Parliamentary Group for International Students’ report into how the UK can build a sustainable future for international students in the UK is launched today, Tuesday 6th November 2018. BAISIS has been part of the consultation process and is referenced on page 33 of the report.

The report calls for:

  • An ambitious target to increase recruitment of international students and restore the UK’s position in a growing international market, with education tracked as a leading national export
  • A cross-departmental strategy with strong regional and national focus to achieve sustainable long-term growth which benefits the whole of the UK
  • A globally attractive offer where the quality and diversity of the UK sector is supported by competitive visa conditions including flexible post-study work
  • A strategy to support international graduates and boost alumni engagement

Institutions are urged to show their support for the report launch and its policy proposals by tweeting using the #WeAreInternational hashtag and publishing a statement of support to local media. Suggested tweets include:

  • The recommendations of the APPG for Intl Students’ inquiry report are what the sector needs to regain competitiveness. We need a clear target to grow intl student numbers. #WeAreInternational
  • British universities used to lead the world in attracting intl students. But now we’ve fallen behind Australia. It is critical that the govt ensures that the UK’s post-study visa offer is clearly labelled and competitive, allowing up to two years of work experience. #WeAreInternational
  • As the APPG suggests, post-study work visa should also not be restricted to licenced Tier 2 sponsors, or by job type or salary. #WeAreInternational
  • Intl students need to be removed from the net migration target, to send out the message that the UK welcomes committed, talented and entrepreneurial students. Now is the time to go for growth. #WeAreInternational
  • Messages for intl students regarding the UK should be welcoming, clear, simple & consistent and developed in cooperation between govt & the education sector. #WeAreInternational
  • Every 15 EU students and every 11 non-EU students generate £1m worth of net economic impact for the UK economy over the duration of their studies #WeAreInternational

Click here APPG Report FINAL to read the full report