BAISIS Chair, Andy Rattue, was a panellist representing the UK boarding sector at a recent virtual conference hosted by international  group, CATS Education. The theme of the discussion was ‘Rethinking the way we recruit’. Andy focused on how schools and colleges will meet the needs of a new generation of students in the post-pandemic world. He argued that while we need to consider the tactics of the ways in which young people and parents expect to be communicated with and adapt accordingly, the bigger strategic issue was being authentic in our values. We must be transparent in our commitment to shared core values, emphasise the collaborative and socially interactive nature of the experience we offer and recognise that we need to appeal to a variety of different student mindsets.
Other panellists included industry experts from China, South America, Turkey and the UK covering issues such as the future of face-to-face sales activity, how technology can help us to reach wider audiences and how marketing strategies will need to be adapted in future. The audience included 300 student recruitment agents from around the world.