Following the publication of the article ‘Gangs use top schools to traffic Asian girls’ (04.11.19) in The Times, Julian Baker, BAISIS Chairman, says:

“The very regrettable historical cases of trafficking of students from Vietnam referred to in The Times’ recent article surely illustrate that systems, no matter how robust they are, may prove insufficient when faced with criminals intent on exploiting those systems. These cases do not suggest that the schools affected failed to follow proper procedure set down by the Home Office.

Like all independent schools, BAISIS members work tirelessly to ensure that Home Office procedures are correctly followed when issuing a CAS in support of a student’s application to study in their institution. This responsibility is taken extremely seriously so as to protect the institution’s Highly Trusted Status. In cases where students have disappeared, proper procedure – to report the situation to the Home Office and to the police – is followed and everything is done to ensure the welfare of a trafficked individual.

Since the time of these historical cases, recruitment from Vietnam has continued with caution to ensure criminal agents do not circumvent the country’s visa system.”

Julian Baker, Chairman, BAISIS