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Helping international pupils stay healthy - cultural variations in diet and fitness expectations

  • Date: June 19, 2024
  • Time: 12:30 – 13:30
  • Cost: BAISIS member – £50, BSA member – £65, BSA Member additional attendee – £30, BAISIS Member additional attendee – £20, Non-member – £130
  • Audience: Head of Boarding, SLT/SMT, pastoral team, medical team, all staff involved in extracurricular of weekend activities
  • Platform: Zoom (online) – webinar

Content overview:

Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills in supporting your international students’ health and wellbeing. This webinar aims to enhance your understanding of the diverse cultural backgrounds and unique dietary and fitness experiences and needs of your international students, empowering you to provide effective support and promote their overall wellbeing whilst being respectful of cultural beliefs and boundaries.

Training topics will include:

  • Introduction to the cultural variations in diet and fitness expectations globally
  • Understanding the impact of culture on dietary choices
  • Recognising the differences in exercise norms and fitness expectations
  • Strategies to create a supportive and inclusive environment, including tailoring provision to accommodate cultural preferences
  • Addressing the challenges, including homesickness, access to familiar foods and differing exercise norms
  • Best practice recommendations.

Learning outcomes:

  • Gain insights into the cultural variations in diet and fitness expectations globally, enabling you to navigate these differences with sensitivity and understanding
  • Practical strategies to support international pupils in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including customised approaches that respect their background
  • Confidence in supporting international students through challenging times and cultural shifts.



Shirley Mitchell, Vice Principal at Surval Montreux

Shirley is Vice Principal at Surval Montreux, a girls boarding school in Switzerland. Prior to this she held the role of Assistant Principal Boarding & PSHE at DLD College London. Shirley has also taught in both day and boarding schools in Italy, Spain, France and the UK. She holds Bachelors degrees in English and Childhood and Youth studies, a Masters degree in Applied Linguistics, a Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Psychology and is a qualified and accredited CBT practitioner. Shirley has written multiple health and wellbeing programmes and has travelled to european schools delivering training in the implementation of these. As well as a level 4 BSA accredited boarding practitioner, Shirley is also a fellow member of TIOB. In her spare time, Shirley enjoys 19th century literature and hiking with her dog Windsor.