Dear members

The latest BSA advice regarding the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) from March 23, 2020, can be found on our website here. Updated advice will be issued on Monday. 

If any pupil does become infected by the virus, please can you let me know ( so we can track the number of cases.

BSA Register of Guardians

Following many requests from members, BSA has today launched the ‘BSA Register of Guardians’. BSA provides this as a support to schools who may wish to contact guardians themselves or pass on details to parents. While the details listed are part of the ‘BSA Register of Guardians’, in making these available to schools directly, or parents indirectly, BSA is not endorsing, certifying or accrediting any provider in any way.  BSA recommends that anyone using the list should ask a number of key safeguarding questions which are detailed on the register. Please visit the member area of the BSA website to access the list.

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