Dear members

This week, I joined colleagues Dee Guillemot-Rodgerson, Pete Upham and Richard Stokes from the boarding schools’ associations in New Zealand, USA and Australia to offer ‘A Boarding Message’ to parents and boarders across the world during the Covid-19 crisis.

Members are welcome to share this message with their boarding community. Please click here to view the message.

BSA Certified Guardian Scheme

I am delighted to announce the launch of the BSA’s Certified Guardian Scheme (CGS). This follows on from the recent publication of the BSA Register of Guardians (member log in required) and the appointment of Ammy Davies-Potter as BSA’s Director of Accreditation and Guardianship from September 2020. It also aligns with BSA Group’s mission to ‘champion boarding and safeguarding excellence’.

This BSA’s Certified Guardian Scheme (CGS) has been created in response to increased demand from BSA member schools for quality, certified guardians to care for their international students. The scheme is designed to be accessible to, and inclusive of, all guardianship organisations and to enable the sharing of best practice with all. BSA training of guardians and subsequent certification will provide assurance to you that you are dealing with guardians who have the highest standards in safeguarding of children, safer recruitment and training of staff and host families, and careful liaison with parents and schools.

More details can be found on our website here and we encourage you to suggest that the guardians your school works with, whether big organisations or individual relatives of students, apply.

Guardianship services are now being offered by BSA independently of Aegis, which continues to run its own accreditation scheme and act a membership association for schools and guardians, separate to BSA. Guardians can obviously decide if they wish to be part of BSA’s Certified Guardian Scheme (CGS), or Aegis accredited, or both. Likewise, schools can decide which scheme they support, or both.

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