Dear Members,

Welcome to this week’s edition of the BSA member newsletter. The updated versions of Keeping Children Safe in Education 2021 and the Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment guidance for England were published on Tuesday as scheduled. A standalone version of KSCIE Part One is now also available.

Colleagues will wish to know that there were no substantive changes between the draft and the final version of KCSIE, although some “typos” and other errors were corrected, and some links and references updated to ensure they were working correctly.

There is no additional content in the Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment guidance since the draft, but there has been some tweaking to the paragraph numbers. Please ensure you are using the up to date “live” versions of both documents from now on, rather than the drafts.

On Monday (September 6), we will be running our third and final KCSIE 2021 and sexual violence update, so if you haven’t been available for the first two sessions, we do hope you can join us.

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