Dear Members,

Welcome to this week’s edition of the BSA member newsletter. The situation in Afghanistan continues to dominate the headlines around the world this week, and our thoughts are very much with everyone affected by the ongoing events in the country. 

As we’ve been hearing from members who’ve contacted us, the boarding community has been quick to offer its help. With this in mind, our colleagues at ISC have asked us to share the following update on how you can provide support to those affected if you are able to do so:

ISC, alongside associations, are continuing to work with the Home Office and Department for Education to understand central Government policy, and fit schools’ offers into any developments. The Government has launched ‘Operation Warm Welcome’ (press release here) to support resettlement. We are discussing how offers from the sector can co-ordinate with this work.

In the meantime, I’ve collated all the information we have so far, in the hope of making some progress towards matching your goodwill with those who need it:

If you can offer fully funded place(s) to refugees

If you know that you can offer one or more places to resettled Afghan refugees, our advice is to contact your local council – they will be the ones currently dealing with the logistics of resettlement. You will want to be clear what level of support you can provide – e.g. if you can provide a boarding place, a day place, and what level of English-language learning you could offer (if needed).

We expect that the Director of Children’s Services will be best placed to help. In case you don’t already have contact details, you can find these in the directory of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services, here: It is possible that your local council has not had refugees resettled – if so, you may wish to contact neighbouring councils to see if they require assistance.

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