Dear Colleagues,

With the changes to the programme of testing and self-isolation which came in yesterday (October 4, 2021), the UK administrations have updated their international travel guidance to take account of the change to “red list” and “non red list” countries instead of the red, amber and green system. Please click on the links below for the relevant guidance:

The guidance includes updated information on testing requirements and on the countries from which vaccinations will be accepted. A note that under-18 boarders will normally not need to quarantine when returning from non-red list countries as they are “resident” in the UK. Over 18s will not need to self-isolate unless they are unvaccinated or were vaccinated in a country which is not on the list of those accepted. Unfortunately Hong Kong is still not on the accepted list, and BSA continues to lobby on this with both Hong Kong and UK administrations.

For England and Wales the specific guidance for boarding schools travelling from red list countries has also been updated:

The most significant alteration has been the change to the date on which boarders need to be under 18 to benefit from this, which is now September 01, 2021. All boarders who were under 18 on that date can quarantine in school if travelling from red list countries. This “September 01” exemption does NOT apply to travel from non-red list countries as above.

A further update to the red list guidance is expected from Scotland and will be circulated in due course

Best wishes,

The BSA Team