Dear Colleagues,

Welsh Government has today published the Boarding schools guidance; isolation arrangements for students arriving from red list countries. 

BSA and WISC are grateful to colleagues in Welsh Government and in DfE and DHSC in England for their efforts in resolving the issues which led to the delays in publishing the guidance.

Both BSA and WISC would advise schools to read the guidance carefully to confirm that they can meet all the requirements of the guidance. Schools must then:

  • Advise Welsh Government that they can meet the requirements of the guidance
  • Receive a school specific letter from Welsh Government, a copy of which must be sent to and carried by travellers
  • Give travellers a second letter issued by the school and which meets the requirements set out in the guidance
  • Advise travellers of testing arrangements, which must be booked through CTM Wales using the drop down exemption from hotel quarantine. You will have to book an “adult” test, as it is not possible to book a test for a child only. This “workaround” has been confirmed by Welsh Government. Travellers should NOT book a managed isolation package
  • Ensure that travellers are fully aware of what is required, particularly with regard to Passenger Locator Forms, etc.

Schools must also be aware that compliance with this guidance will be taken in to account by Estyn and CIW in any future inspections.

Both BSA and WISC are happy to help with queries, but please read the guidance carefully before contacting us, as we are currently receiving huge volumes of enquiries!


Members will be aware of the recent developments in Afghanistan. If your school is doing anything to support the community in the UK or in Afghanistan itself, including offering places to pupils, do let BSA know via

Best wishes,

The BSA Team