Dear members

BSA and ISC had further conversations yesterday with Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State Baroness Berridge to clarify matters relating to DfE guidance for boarding schools.  

Final answers are still awaited on the status of boarders in Years 10 and 12 returning to school in England, particularly with regard to overall percentages and for schools with small cohorts. Following the publication of the Government guidance on the forthcoming quarantine procedures, further clarification has also been sought from the Home Office on how this will work for unaccompanied boarders on their return to school. Whereas the quarantine requirement will be UK wide, each devolved administration will have its own procedures.

BSA urges member schools to consider that, as yet, there is no confirmation of a return to school dates in England for any further year groups, nor whether international pupils will be able to quarantine before term starts. In Wales, the earliest return to school is on June 29, with further details due shortly, and in Scotland, there can be no return to school before August 11. BSA advises that the way forward is not yet sufficiently clear for schools to make firm arrangements, or to advise parents to begin booking flights.

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