Are you ready to re-open the school doors? Preparing to open the school doors to a new world?  The temptation to just get going and return to old practices may be strong but now is the time to plan a new approach. Follow our 5-step plan starting with 
“Preparation, Preparation, Preparation”
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Operating any facility during a global pandemic brings about many challenges including the safety of the staff, pupils and other site users. Hygiene, cleanliness and sanitisation have quickly jumped into a role of critical importance – something which the public are going to expect to be reassured of once we reach a stage of increased reopening.  Our experts have provided some insights into what to expect such as: –
1. Visible changes
2. New procedures and protocol
3. Focus areas   Read Full Story   “Out of adversity comes opportunity” – Benjamin Franklin  There can be no doubt that the Covid period has been a tough one but now is the time to look at the learnings from it.
We’ve perfected our renditions of singing ‘Happy Birthday’ by singing it twice every time we wash our hands. And we’ve learnt to use our elbow instead of our hand when we greet people but perhaps one of the best learning that has come out of this, from a housekeeping point of view, is the huge increase in public awareness of the importance of good hygiene.  
On our recent ‘3 Day Challenge’, CAP members reported that one of the top five learnings from their recent experiences was the need for the continuation of consistent and clear communications.
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