Cognita is one of four organisations who sent a joint letter to the Prime Minister on 10th January outlining a plan to establish local “hub” schools dedicated to administering the Covid vaccine to teachers, childcare workers and school support staff. Here is the text of the letter:

Dear Prime Minister,

As the Government works hard to bring Covid under control, we believe it is vital that alongside the current vaccination programme for the most at risk, the other greatest urgency is to get schools open again. Vital for the future of our children and young people.

This Lockdown is regarded as the most challenging so far for millions of families as they juggle home schooling and working from home, combined with the enormous mental strain on parents and children alike in trying to stay safe from the highly transmissible strain of the virus. We share your concerns that this does not turn into a mental epidemic as well as a physical one.

The single initiative that could help families cope better with the Lockdown, preserve our children’s learning and mental health and help to encourage the economy to restart would be to ensure that schools can open safely after the February half term.

Since the joint letter to the Secretary of State for Education from Cognita and the Independent Schools Council on 7 January, leaders from across the state and independent education sector have been working together to create an implementation plan that would enable the Government to vaccinate all teachers and childcare workers before midFebruary. We believe that this would meet the Government’s objectives and be widely popular in the country – warmly welcomed by people of all ages and political persuasions, as reflected in the petition that will be debated in Parliament Monday evening. We also think this initiative would be welcomed by the teaching unions and the teaching establishment.

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