This advice is issued by BSA in conjunction with our partners AEGIS and BAISIS and should be read in conjunction with the previous update on February 24. BSA reminds all schools that it is not a medical or legal authority and that this advice must be read in that context.

When our latest guidance was issued on Monday, news of the rapidly worsening situation in Italy had only recently broken. Since then, things have moved on considerably, not least because of a hotel being quarantined in Tenerife and first cases in Switzerland, Austria, and Croatia.

The latest DfE/PHE advice (updated this evening, February 25) can be found here.


With regard to Italy, Public Health England advice, largely mirrored by that in Wales and Scotland, continues to state that only those who have visited the quarantined towns in northern Italy need to self-isolate and that anyone else travelling from the northern part of Italy (Pisa, Florence and Rimini northwards) needs to do so if they become symptomatic. However, many schools have chosen to go beyond this advice and to require anyone coming from that part of Italy to stay at home or with a guardian, even if they have been on a school organised trip.

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