Dear members

This week’s Covid-19 communication covers: New update as of 06.04.20Links to previous advice. As ever the update is issued by BSA in conjunction with our partners BAISIS and ISC. BSA reminds all schools that it is not a medical, statutory or legal authority and any advice is given on that basis.  

A.1: What has changed
As anticipated by the medical experts, the last week has seen a real acceleration in the spread of the virus, with the number of reported cases growing from 19,522 to 47,806 yesterday (April 5) and the number of deaths from 1,228 to 4,934. Some experts are predicting that the peak will be reached within the next few days. Worldwide a significant number of countries are now locked down, although some parts of China are now starting to open up, with rates of infection falling. There has been little new guidance in the past week, and many schools have scaled down their operations considerably for the Easter holiday, although BSA is aware that many schools are still open for children of key workers and for overseas children who are unable to get home. BSA will continue to operate throughout the Easter holiday, but there will be no guidance update next Monday (Easter Monday). The next scheduled update is on 20 April, although we shall respond to any urgent circumstances in the meantime.

A.2: Pupils from mainland China – URGENT
Colleagues will recall that last week’s guidance included information about InterGreat Education Group, who are trying to arrange repatriation flights with the Chinese embassy. BSA has now received a communication from InterGreat indicating that there is the possibility of a repatriation flight later this week (Thursday). Clearly this flight will be accessible to a wider group than just the BSA member schools, so there are no guarantees. However, if you have pupils and families interested in this or future flights, it is essential to complete the two forms on the BSA website and return them to InterGreat ( Any schools who have already been in touch with InterGreat will hopefully be sent this information directly. Parent or guardian will need to sign the declaration form (unless the pupil is over 18), and will need to read it carefully, as it refers to the conditions under which the trip will take place.

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