This week’s Covid-19 communication covers:

  1. New update as of 03.08.20
  2. Links to previous advice.

As ever the update is issued by BSA in conjunction with our partners BAISIS and ISC. BSA reminds all schools that it is not a medical, statutory or legal authority and any advice is given on that basis.

This is the second of our summer briefings. The next will be published on August 17, 2020.

A.1: What has changed
The situation globally has continued to be very challenging, with several countries which seemed originally to have dealt with the virus very well now reporting much higher rates of infection than they have seen for some time.  This includes countries and territories such as Australia, Vietnam and Hong Kong, which originally had very low rates and very few deaths, although the new outbreaks are less severe than those in other parts of the world.  There are now more than a quarter of a million new infections each day, and almost 6,000 reported deaths, of which two-thirds are in the Americas.   As previously the countries of greatest concern remain USA, India, Russia and South Africa, plus most of Central and South America.   Other countries with more than 1,000 reported cases each day include Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Bangladesh and The Philippines.  The majority of countries in Europe are still reported as having “community transmission”.   Deaths in the UK have been averaging approximately 65 per day and a number of areas of England in particular are reporting rates significantly higher than the national average.  There is a useful tool for checking the latest rates in each area on the BBC website, which gives data for all areas of the UK on a local authority or health board basis.

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