Dear members

This week’s Covid-19 communication covers:

  1. New update as of 08.06.20
  2. Links to previous advice.

As ever the update is issued by BSA in conjunction with our partners BAISIS and ISC. BSA reminds all schools that it is not a medical, statutory or legal authority and any advice is given on that basis.

A.1: What has changed
The situation worldwide is that an increasing number of countries are beginning to reopen schools, although country-wide closures remain in 129 countries, according to UNESCO. Many countries in the northern hemisphere will not reopen their schools until after the summer break. In England, a number of schools reopened last week to Year 6, including some boarders, and schools are planning to admit some Year 10 and 12 pupils from next Monday. Wales has announced a first reopening date of June 29, and Scotland has informed schools that they may reopen from August 11. The UK introduced a quarantine procedure today, June 08. See Sections A.3 and A.4 for a further discussion of the UK situation.

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