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Felsted School Welcomes Local Primary Children to Help Inspire a Love of Science

By April 3, 2024No Comments
Felsted School recently hosted over 40 pupils from schools across the region for a Science Experience Day, formulated to inspire and encourage pupils in Years 5 & 6 to aspire to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art (Creativity) and Mathematics) related studies and careers in the future.


Students experimented with slime, tiny live Daphnia crustaceans, and catapults and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to interact and work together as teams. Those in attendance included: Flitch Green Academy, Howe Green Prep, Felsted Prep, Coopersale Hall, Elm Green Prep, and Woodford Green.   “It was super fun and I have a better understanding of science and secondary school” commented one pupil from Howe Green Prep.   A Felsted Prep student stated “It has inspired me to discover new things!”   Many student’s left the day inspired to think seriously about pursuing a future career in Science, and were challenged to change their view of a stereotypical scientist in a white coat working on their own in a laboratory and often looking like Einstein!    “I had the stereotypical scientists in my head but there are so many different experiences,” said a Woodford Green student.   The visiting teachers that attended were also inspired. One teacher said “Days like this make my job as a Science coordinator more enjoyable. I’m fortunate to be able to attend these events” another said “I have had a job in Science and it is great to see the children be so inspired and really give things a go!”   Heather Mollison, Head of Science at Felsted comments; “Science Experience Day is a highlight in the year. The Year 5 and 6 students were an absolute delight and many have gone away inspired to pursue a career or further studies in scientific fields. I am passionate about young people appreciating that being a Scientist isn’t just about being in a lab on your own. Many have left understanding that science is collaborative and encompasses many different areas of life and the world around us. If nothing else it was a memorable day and fun was had by all”.   


Felsted is committed to confronting the UK’s STEAM skill gap head on. From the youngest years they inspire their pupils to explore and discover a love of science, technology, engineering and maths. Indeed, a team from Felsted recently reached the national final of a competition to design a can-sized satellite and a submission devised by young Felsted scientists was accepted for the Mars Balloon project, which launched 150 student experiments to an altitude of 30km – above 99% of the Earth’s atmosphere in order to explore what happens to electronics, materials, plants & food under Mars conditions. At a recent STEM competition (the Chelmsford Science and Engineering Society – CSES) a number of Felsted pupils won awards for their designs promoting sustainability.   “Through immersive experiences and collaborative exploration, Felsted ignites the spark of curiosity, fostering a generation of young scientists who see beyond stereotypes and embrace the diverse possibilities of STEAM” commented Felsted Prep Head, Miranda Norris. “Our Science Experience Day embodies our commitment to inspiring future innovators and problem solvers”.   Specialist teachers encourage pupils to extend their learning by entering national competitions, where numerous national awards have been achieved over many years;  Felsted Prep School holds a Primary Gold Quality Mark for Science and the Senior School is a Silver Science STEAM Award holder.  

Source/photo credit: Felsted School