2019 will mark the fifth year of the CIFE scholarship programme which aims to assist needy students to study an appropriate full A-Level programme at one of the nineteen participating colleges listed below.  An additional six colleges have joined the scheme since last year.  Tuition grants range from 50% up to 100%, but typically the successful applicants will receive tuition free of charge.  They will generally be responsible for their own accommodation and maintenance costs. 

CIFE is a national association of private sixth-form colleges which focus on A-levels, exam success and individual student attention.  For CIFE colleges one of the highlights of each year is the Academic Awards ceremony at the House of Lords, hosted by the CIFE President, Lord Lexden. The calibre of the member colleges is exemplified by the outstanding academic achievements of the award winners who typically average 95%+ scores in all A-level examinations they have undertaken.  Last year 49% of all CIFE students entered a Times Top 30 university and 43% a Russell Group university.  Top choices were UCL, City, King’s College, Queen Mary and Manchester universities.

The CIFE scholarship programme continues to expand and to offer more students the opportunity of benefitting from the excellent results achieved by the member colleges.

Participating colleges (for September 2019 entry) by geographical location:

 BATH                                                    Bath Academy

BIRMINGHAM                                  MPW Birmingham                                                                                           

CAMBRIDGE                                      Cambridge Centre for Sixth-form Studies

                                                                CATS Cambridge

                                                               MPW Cambridge

LONDON                                              Ashbourne Independent Sixth-form College

                                                               Cambridge Tutors College

                                                               CATS London

                                                               Chelsea Independent College


                                                               David Game College

                                                               LSI Independent College

                                                               MPW London

                                                               Regent College

                                                               Westminster Tutors

MARKET HARBOROUGH               Brooke House College

NORTHAMPTON                             Bosworth Independent College

OXFORD                                              Oxford International College

                                                               Oxford Tutorial College

For further details of this scholarship scheme please contact the colleges directly or via the CIFE website : www.cife.org.uk.  Alternatively contact James Wardrobe on 07720 614220 or e-mail: james@wardrobe.org.uk

For more details about fees assistance at CIFE colleges, go to https://www.cife.org.uk/about-cife/help-fees-cife-colleges/

Issued by the Council for Independent Education (CIFE).