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Introducing a British Life & Institutions (BLI) course for international pupils

  • Date: June 21, 2023
  • Time: 10:00 – 11:00
  • Cost: BAISIS member £40  / BSA member £60 / Member additional attendee £20  / Non-member £120
  • Audience: Heads EAL, Subject Specific Teaching Staff, Deputy Heads
  • Location: Zoom – webinar

Course Outline

International pupils may struggle to understand some of the cultural references made in class and in boarding (Coronation Street, poppies, the Boat Race, the Leader of the Opposition). A BLI course will not only give them much needed information on life in the UK but will also give them a ‘safe space’ in which to ask about anything they might be unsure of or too embarrassed to ask about in a subject-content class.

Training topics will include:

Creating and delivering a British Life and Institutions Course

Learning outcomes:

A better understanding of supporting pupils with cultural understanding to aid integration



Stuart Higgins, Head of International, Hereford Cathedral School

Stuart was elected BAISIS Deputy Chair in January 2022. He has spent his career in international education, both overseas and in the UK, and has a master’s degree in English Language Teaching. He was Principal of an international school in the UK for many years, before moving to Hereford Cathedral School to set up an international department and re-introduce boarding.