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Local prep and primary pupils discover wonders of the ancient world at Felsted School’s first ever Classics Experience Day  

By July 10, 2024No Comments
Battling like an Ancient Greek soldier, unearthing buried Roman artefacts and understanding the Latin behind some of Harry Potter’s best spells made for an exciting trip to the Ancient World for the 60 Year 5 pupils taking part in a Classics Day at Felsted School.  
Pupils from Heath Mount School, Felsted Primary School and Felsted Prep School got hands-on with ancient history in Felsted’s recently-opened Marshall Centre for Learning. They delved into an archaeology session which taught them how to set up an archaeological dig and what to surmise from the artefacts found – in a simulated excavation they discovered a mortar (part of a pestle and mortar), which led them to realise that the area they were digging in would have been a Roman family’s kitchen. In a session on Ancient Greek, the pupils learnt the Greek alphabet and then surprised themselves by being able to translate stories starring the mighty gods of Olympus and classical mythology. An interactive Latin quiz gave them an insight into the origins of such famous phrases as ‘Wingardium Leviosa’, and an investigation into Life in Ancient Times gave them the chance to meet a Greek soldier and ask about his armour and weapons, give them a try and make their own models out of cardboard.    
The day was ‘super fun’, said participant Rory. ‘My favourite parts were learning about archaeology and digging for real artefacts and also making a shield,’ he added. History-lover Ollie also enjoyed the activities – ‘I’m really looking forward to being able to study Classics when I’m older’ he said.   

Mrs. Roberts, a visiting teacher from Felsted Primary, remarked, ‘The enthusiasm and curiosity displayed by the students was remarkable. Events like this ignite a passion for learning and provide a unique, hands-on approach to education that the children will remember for years to come. Our pupils had a super day at Felsted School and were very appreciative of the opportunity to attend.’  
Felsted School hosts Enrichment Days for local children throughout the year, offering new learning experiences in subject areas including STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art (creativity) Maths) in their annual Science Experience Day.  

‘It was a real treat to welcome so many pupils from various schools to our first Classics Experience Day,’ said Elizabeth McLaren, Felsted’s Head of Classics and Latin. ‘The Classical World is an absolute joy to study because it underpins much of western civilization. The children really enjoyed discovering clues about the past and will hopefully continue to develop their understanding of Classical languages and culture throughout their lives’.   Felsted School’s academic offering is renowned for its breadth and excellence, providing a stimulating and supportive environment where pupils are encouraged to achieve their full potential.

From the Early Years to the Sixth Form, the curriculum is designed to challenge and inspire, fostering a love of learning and intellectual curiosity. The school’s dedicated teachers and state-of-the-art facilities ensure that students are well-prepared for the demands of higher education and beyond. With a strong emphasis on individual growth and academic excellence, Felsted nurtures pupils to become confident, independent thinkers who are ready to make a positive impact on the world.