Meaningful Lesson Observation Feedback in the Context of EAL Learners 

Date: 25 March 2022

Time: 12.30 – 13.30

Platform: Zoom

Cost: BAISIS member £40  / BSA member £60 / Member additional attendee £15  / Non-member £120

Audience: Teachers of EAL, Heads of EAL, Heads of Departments, SENCOs

Course Outline:

This course will help you to underpin the key components for undertaking meaningful lesson observations for EAL learners.

Training topics will include: 

How to target lesson observations effectively for EAL learners, how to align ‘best practice’ with inspection expectations, how to avoid a feeling of fear by inspiring peer observations, how to provide meaningful feedback, how to build lesson observation feedback into school objectives.

Learning Outcomes:

To empower Teachers of EAL, Heads of EAL, Heads of Department, SENCOs to design, implement and use lesson observations to feed forward into a meaningful whole school strategy.

Trainer: Elyse Conlon, Head of EAL and GCSE English Teacher, Moreton Hall School

Elyse has 17 years of experience in the international world of teaching, strategy and training, which began as Director of Studies in Phuket, Thailand and has continued at Moreton Hall for 10 years, where Elyse is Head of EAL. Her main interests lie in upskilling staff regarding EAL methodology and practice.