The Boarding Schools’ Association (BSA) is the United Kingdom Association serving and representing member boarding schools, training staff and promoting boarding education in both independent and state boarding schools.

For parents: we believe that finding the right school for the right child is hugely important. We believe that parents and students are the best people to make this decision. We offer a list of questions which should help parents identify what is important to them and their child and define their areas of choice, but BSA is not involved in the matching of child to school.

For schools: Membership of the Boarding Schools’ Association (BSA) entitles schools to a wide range of support and promotion initiatives including the most comprehensive and interactive UK website devoted to Boarding. Coupled with its high prominence on the world wide search engines, member schools are easily found by interested parents and pupils seeking a boarding school.

For staff: BSA offers terrific opportunities for professional development – the National Minimum Standards entitle boarding staff to access to CPD, and the BSA is the place to find it.