The Migration Advisory Committee is collecting evidence on the impact of international students in the UK.  The deadline for this is 26th January 2018 and, if your school has not already done so, we urge you to write explaining the beneficial economic and social impacts that international students have upon your school, the education sector in  general and your local economy, not only with regard to school fees but the money spent on flights, taxis, guardianship, food, restaurants, shops etc.  There are also the cultural and networking benefits and the long term “soft power” effect of educating the opinion-formers of tomorrow that we are all aware of.  Anecdotal or case study evidence is welcome as well as any specific statistics you may have.

BAISIS is writing a report in conjunction with the ISC and BSA but individual schools writing would be very helpful. 

Click below to see slides from a presentation by Stephen Earl (MAC Secretariat) on responding to the MAC call for evidence, as well as an update on student visas by Pat Saini, Head of immigration, Penningtons Manches, and a round-up of latest news by ExEdUK, all of which were delivered at last Friday’s ExEdUK  meeting.

ExEdUK Meeting – MAC Slides

ExEdUK Meeting JEB presentation

ExEdUK Tier 4 Update – Pat Saini