RSAcademics, in association with Coutts, has recently launched Ten Trends 2017/18 – the 2nd edition of the groundbreaking research report for school leaders and governors.  The report provides detailed, carefully researched and considered insights on ten important topics relevant to school leaders and governors of independent schools.  The latest developments and trends covered in the report include: changes to the curriculum and assessment; how schools are coping with the increased regulatory burden; the changing size, shape and structure of schools; and the changing political landscape and what it means for the independent sector.  One key trend covered is The Internationalisation of Education, which presents a complete picture of how international schools are increasingly part of a global network of influences and factors which shape their development and long-term strategy. BAISIS is featured in this Trend and you can find the extract here:


RSAcademics – the internationalisation of education

A beautifully designed and bound 280 page report, Ten Trends 2017/18 costs £65 each and can be ordered directly from RSAcademics online: