BAISIS is a partner organisation of Exporting Education UK (ExEdUK) and so BAISIS General Secretary Caroline Nixon attended the first cross-sector meeting of ExEdUK in London on 15th May 2017 to help decide on priorities for Government lobbying.

The partners’ meeting was followed by an open meeting for all members (BAISIS schools are automatically members and may attend).

Alex Proudfoot, Chief Executive of Independent HE, welcomed all present to the relaunched ExEdUK.  There would be quarterly meetings designed to update members on all that had happened politically but also to support members practically with talks and T&D sessions. 

Joy Elliott-Bowman, Policy and Public Affairs Manager of Independent HE, told the meeting that Amber Rudd has pronounced the Tier 4 sector “highly compliant” and that there would therefore be consultation with providers on desired changes later this year.

Caroline Wrixon, UK Visas and Immigration, Home Office, talked about the new online application system for international students applying for visas and showed a live example of the system which will soon be rolled out internationally.

Martyn Edwards, Head of Marketing and Development at IDP showed the interesting results of a recent survey of 30,000 international students on the factors affecting their choice of ESL study destination.

Full minutes of the two meetings and slides will be available to BAISIS schools shortly on the members’ section of the website.