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Royal Academy Success for Cambridge Tutors College Students

By September 29, 2014October 14th, 2021No Comments

Cambridge Tutors College rightly has a well deserved reputation for excellence in Maths and Science and Economics. I say this not because I am biased; it is just a fact when you analyse the A level results of the huge numbers taking Maths, Further Maths and the Sciences at A2 level. In terms of our student profile, CTC has a significant percentage of students who come from China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar and overwhelmingly they are very strong in Maths and Sciences. I am fascinated to know why, but that is not the subject of this short piece, even though it is still an interesting question to ask.

Very recently I had the pleasure of meeting two students (Lin Tran and Andy Wu) who had recently submitted work for the Royal Academy (RA) online schools summer art exhibition and Lin Tran’s work was actually one of only 36 selected for exhibition from 1280 students’ work. Andy’s work was shortlisted. This is an excellent initiative from the RA and in the unlikely event of colleagues not knowing about it, it is something I recommend. This year 1280 students submitted work and in the end only 36 works were chosen to be exhibited. (Go on to the RA website and you can find the work there; it is well worth a look. Despite what Mr Gove may say, I think we should do our best to promote Art as a subject and to encourage creativity in our students. It is not a “soft” subject.)

We have a small number of students who take Art here (I would like to see more in the future) and yet the standard is very high indeed. The recent exam exhibitions put up for exam moderation highlighted some astonishing creativity (that is partly my code for not really understanding some of the work!); that our students were successful in the RA exhibition was a tremendous achievement.


RA students June 2014

For our two students, the funny thing was that they did not really seem to appreciate how well they had done, nor the fuss being made of them. Did they really have to have their picture taken with the Principal? Yes. Just smile for the camera.