When school closures were announced on 18th March, most schools – state and independent – shut up shop overnight. Overseas pupils returned home, and children, teachers and parents were forced to adapt to a new way of remote learning across countless different time zones. As pupils finally start settling back into school after six months away from the classroom, how have international pupils reacted to the UK’s response to the crisis? What lengths have schools gone to in order to ensure pupils’ safe return? And crucially, how has the popularity of UK independent schools been affected by the impact of Covid-19, at home and internationally? 

At the height of lockdown, the confidence of many international families took a significant knock. ‘It was quite obvious that there was a level of anxiety among international parents about their children potentially not returning to school, because there was a feeling that the UK hadn’t handled Covid-19 as well as it might have done,’ says Andrew Nott, chairman of the Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS). 

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