Dear All, Most of you have been following the latest ALTO project where we conducted an Industry-wide survey followed by Regional Panel discussions online to determine the damage caused by COVID-19 to our industry and to start a meaningful conversation about how could agents and schools work best together to create a more sustainable and professional sector for us all going forward. 

Processing the data from the survey has taken a little bit longer than expected, but I hope you all agree that we have created a thorough report to help inform the strategies of both agents and schools.

In this extraordinary time ALTO felt that it needed to use its unique position to unite all stakeholders and to facilitate an open and inclusive discussion for the greater benefit of the industry. Therefore The Future of Adult Language Travel: 2020 and beyond report is public and available to everyone, please feel free to share.

If you would like to learn more about ALTO and be part of a professional association whose main aim is to grow and develop the language and educational travel industry, please contact me, Reka Lenart Association Manager by replying to this message. 

Read the report