Writing for Study Travel Network, Pat Moores, Director of UK Education Guide, asks whether it makes sense to introduce a standard testing procedure for UK independent schools.

Does it make sense to introduce a generic testing procedure for international pupils coming to study at UK boarding schools?

I wonder what your thoughts would be if you were an international parent, looking to spend an eye watering £180,000 in school fees in the next five years so your child can come to the UK to study from Year 9 to Year 13?

Consider this scenario, your consultant advises you that ‘best practice’ is to apply to three schools to ensure you have multiple offers to consider. You pay the three application fees and complete the three application forms and then you are told your child will need to sit tests for each school, and there will be three for each school – nine in total.

Your child is already tired from school work and you have to schedule in nine tests that may, due to ongoing Covid restrictions, have to be organised remotely. You may have to liaise with a remote invigilator to sit in on all the calls and you may decide to split the tests between days, so your child is not sitting all three tests for each school on the same day, as they will take over three hours to complete.

So, you arrange five different sittings for the exams over five separate days, over 10 hours of testing in total. You sit back and wonder isn’t there a better way of doing this?