In her ‘View From The Desk’ for Study Travel Network magazine, Pat Moores, Director of UK Education Guide asks what may have changed permanently for the better in the UK independent school sector as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

UK boarding school life – What might the pandemic have changed forever?

We are all now well into our second year of pandemic life. In some parts of the world, things are slowly returning to something resembling life prior to March 2020. Certainly in the UK, boarding schools have happily welcomed back most of their international students.

The return of students has led to many schools and colleges taking some time to review what aspects of school life may actually have been changed for the better, due to the pandemic?

Top of that list seems to be virtual parents’ evenings. Some schools introduced these grudgingly, but the feedback received would suggest that many schools will never return to face-to-face parents’ evenings, particularly for overseas parents.

For some schools, like Brooke House College , with most parents based overseas the move to an online parents’ evening has been an incredibly popular move and Principal, Mike Oliver, describes it as a definite “Covid keeper”.

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