ISC and BSA have today received a further update from DfE, which applies to schools in England.  Despite the very short notice, schools might like to reassess their plans for Monday based on the advice below, and make any adjustments they consider necessary.

Q What about boarding for year 10 and year 12?

A We do not envisage that year 10 and year 12 pupils, who are usually residential in boarding schools, will be returning to school to board before the end of the summer term.  Pupils who usually board but are able to attend as day pupils should be allowed to do so. Whilst we are working on the basis that, from 15 June, secondary schools will be asked to provide some face to face support for those pupils who are facing exams next year, support for pupils who ordinarily board should be provided remotely if they are unable to attend as day pupils.

Q How does the rule of a quarter of the cohort for years 10 and 12 work if the cohort is really small?

A Where 25% of the year 10 or year 12 cohort is 15 students or fewer, then so long as the school has physical capacity and is able to meet the requirements on social distancing and minimising risk set out in the guidance, the school may accommodate up to 15 students in the year group.

Best wishes Robin Fletcher
Chief Executive, BSA and BSA Group