All of the team here at Wailian UK hope you managed to have a restful Summer break and that the new term is running smoothly so far.  We know you must be incredibly busy as the new term is now in full swing so we want to keep this newsletter brief but hope that the information is of interest to you all. 

We have been working hard with our partners in China over recent months and it is clear to us that there is a desire on their part for more collaboration between their schools in China with those based here in the UK.  So if your school is also interested in projects with schools in China this newsletter speaks to you!

We would like to ask any schools in the BAISIS network with an interest in work with schools in China to reach out us for more information and to arrange an exploratory call to discuss the offerings that we can facilitate.    

The sort of support we offer, all free of charge at the current time and with support to match your schools needs with an appropriate Chinese partnership school that has interest in similar areas can include (but are not limited to) –

  • Student competitions/projects between UK and Chinese students – usually topics centre on tackling issues like climate change or global resources (but could be arts based as well), students usually work together in small groups and with their counterparts in Chinese partners schools to solve issues whilst getting a great understanding of issues in another cultural context
  • Parent collaborative groups – we can link parent groups at schools together to share best practice and understand different cultural approaches to parent challenges
  • Teacher collaborative groups –  we can link teachers with an interest in China to counterparts in schools to explore different approaches to education
  • We can explore other areas of interest to tailor offerings to a particular school’s interest area

All of these projects are supported virtually at the current time but we do hope to return to being able to offer options for in person programmes to our school partners soon.  If you would like to find out more please contact Sarah Armstrong at the contact details given below. 

Thanks for reading our October newsletter and please do reach out to us for exploratory discussions,

With the very best of wishes, Sarah      

Sarah Armstrong, Head of Education, Wailian UK Education Team (Part of the Wailian Group of Companies), 304, Linen Hall, 162-168 Regent St., London W1B 5TE


Mobile no.: +44(0) 7777 657 501