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BAISIS & Sacpa webinar: Supporting international students: audit development

  • Date: February 09, 2024
  • Time: 15:00 – 16:00
  • Cost: BAISIS member – £50, Sacpa member – £65, Sacpa Member additional attendee – £30, BAISIS Member additional attendee – £20, Non-member – £130
  • Audience: 
  • Platform: Zoom (online) – webinar

Content overview:

Young people who travel internationally for their education are vulnerable and merit specific thought when considering and developing care, safeguarding and child protection policies within schools. Basic needs, safeguarding concerns and vulnerabilities can range from cultural differences and parental expectations, to corresponding with an overseas agency or struggling to get support from local agencies.

The development of a specific audit considering the care you provide for your international students is a robust, evidenced and considered way to ensure you are supporting and caring for international students in the best way you can and helps identify gaps for future development.

Training topics will include:

  • What are the mental health and safeguarding issues international students face?
  • What are the most common cultural differences that impact day-to-day care of international students?
  • Assessing the needs of your school
  • The impact of an audit and action plan

Learning outcomes:

  • Knowing and recognising what makes international students uniquely vulnerable boarders and learners
  • Knowing how to find out what information you need to assess where your provision currently lies
  • How to carry out an audit, engage the whole school and put in place your action plan.



Alex Kemp, Deputy Head (Pastoral), Wellington School

Alex started his teaching career at LVS Ascot before enjoying nearly 10 years at Millfield School as Housemaster, Head of Year and Assistant Head of Sixth Form. For the last two years, he led all elements of pastoral and co-curricular provision at Taunton School International before joining Wellington School as Deputy Head Pastoral in September.