Promoting Oracy in the Classroom 

Date: 22 September 2021

Time: 12.30 – 13.30

Platform: Zoom

Cost: BAISIS member £40  / BSA member £60 / Member additional attendee £15  / Non-member £120

Audience: All teachers 

Course Outline:

In this session, we will focus on the importance of oracy for the international student and explore the links between meaningful talk and academic writing, cognitive gains, enhanced self-esteem and civic engagement and empowerment. We will then look at some proven and powerful strategies for implementing talk in the classroom and analyse how we might embed them into our own practice.

Training topics:


Talk for Writing

Learning outcomes:

  • We will be able to explain the importance of establishing purposeful talk in the classroom.
  • We will be able to analyse the different ways we can implement effective discussion in our lessons.
  • We will be able to review and feedback how discussion strategies will be embedded in our own teaching practice.


Trainer: Stuart Mee, Assistant Vice Principal Teaching and Learning, Aylward Academy, London

Stuart Mee has spent over thirty years working with international learners, including five years teaching English in Japan. He is currently working at Aylward Academy in London, which has a very high proportion of EAL learners. He has held a number of roles, including Head of English and Director of Languages, and successfully introduced GCSE Japanese into the curriculum there. He is a Specialist Leader of Education and is currently Professional Co-ordinating Mentor for staff new to teaching. He also teaches English and Japanese.