Sacpa / BAISIS joint virtual day seminar: safeguarding international students 

Date: June 16 2021, 10.00 to 16.00 

Venue: Online via Zoom  

Cost: Member £185 / *Non-member £370

Audience: All staff with safeguarding responsibilities for international students

Day seminar: Safeguarding international students


It has always been understood that children who travel great distances from their homes for their education are vulnerable and merit specific thought when developing safeguarding and child protection policies within schools. From a safeguarding perspective, there can be added complications relating to the responsiveness of your local authority in supporting international students, and perhaps even corresponding with an overseas agency.

2020 has highlighted how important it is that schools are prepared to recognise and respond to the safeguarding needs of their international students.

Topics covered will include:

  • Cultural sensitivities, boundaries, and safeguarding concerns
  • Online safety
  • Managing medicines and medical care
  • Child protection worldwide: agenda and progress
  • What would you do? Real life case studies addressing safeguarding concerns for international students.

Sacpa and BAISIS will be running this day seminar virtually via Zoom. Joining details will be sent out to delegates 24-48hrs before the conference with clear instructions. The seminar will start no earlier than 09:30 and will be finished by 16:30, with a built in ‘lunch break’.

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