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Source: (17) A Guide To School Admission | LinkedIn

The season of school admission is ripe and ready to harvest but are we well-fed with information or do we need second advice before we pronounce our sentence of sending our child to a gateway of learning? Well, the dilemma associated with taking school admission is not easy and as a parent, you are tasked with finding an institute that looks beyond academics and common syllables which are intentionally stressed by schools to attract your attention. It is hard not to get fooled but we bring you a set of questions that you must ask and inspect to solve the dicey puzzle of school admission successfully.

How the school has fared in the last 5 years of CBSE examinations?

The most reliable way to validate the stars and shines of any school is to ask for the overview of their last 5 years’ performance in CBSE and how many students have stuck with the school after clearing their class 10th exam. This will give you a clear idea of the school retention rate. If the school says 100% result, then demand proof because only billboards and advertisements do not take confidence anywhere. See the number of students who appeared for the exams and amongst them quantify the demography between arts, science, and commerce students.

Eat in a mess of school if enquiring about boarding admission

To find out the truth about how organized the boarding environment of the school is, a surprise visit is not a bad idea, and to add more to your inspection try and speak with a random student from the school, this will give undue advantage to unearth the facts about the school.

If enquiring about boarding school admission, then ask to eat in the mess of the school, pick any random time, and head to a kitchen section to see how hygienic, organized, and accessible the kitchen is.

Are teachers skilled enough to create a level field?

This question perhaps is the most interesting and course-determining one when inquiring about school admission. It is often seen that parents get overwhelmed by the qualifications of teachers but then forget to verify whether they are future-ready or if they can level down to create a level field for all.

It is important to be a subject expert and to have a valid degree but more than that it is important to deliver to the students that’s where the skills and methodology come into the picture. A skilled teacher will combine both traditional and contemporary techniques to leave an imprint. He/she is not just about the classroom schedule but will incorporate the elements of the environment to capture the imagination of young lads.

If the faculty’s strength is more in conceptual teaching, resourceful models, subjective and objective methods, experiments, and experiences, then you can stay ensured that you have secured a good future for your child

How hospitable and sheltered the school environment is?

The infrastructure of the school, of course, plays an influential role as far as taking school admission is concerned. Still, more than just a structure we must be looking to find answers regarding how hospitable and sheltered the school environment is.

The co-educational school especially needs to be put through the lens of some mind-awakening questions. Unless and until you feel the institute is free, fair, and far from discrimination and favoritism don’t commit.

The best way to find out how effective the safety and security system of the school is? Is to ask about the presence of a disciplinary committee, anti-harassment committee, and student council. Furthermore, the diaspora of students from different states and the proportion between girls and boys students leaves a clear picture of which way the school is heading towards.

Is it all about classrooms or learning activities are performed beyond the walls?

For any child to develop a keen interest in any subject or object, classroom activities are not enough they need to step outside the shoes and experience the environment around them. If any school fails to imply and restrict the activities within the closed door of classrooms then students are sure to face a problem if exposed outside.

Admission to any school is encouraged only if the outside activities are conducted regularly for it helps the students to gain confidence, interact with their surroundings and develop a personality to help at crossroads of life.

Enquire how frequently the educational tours are conducted, what is the participation rate of the school in inter-school activities, take a tour of the school library and labs and ask if the school is a member of literary clubs, eco-clubs, heritage clubs, etc.

What’s the method of assessing the students?

Apart from periodic tests, mid-term, and yearly examinations what are the other ways of assessing the progress of students? This question is very important considering school admission because a result of a year surely does not justify the potential of the students so how are they being monitored and what are the practical ways applied by the school to push the students without discouraging their efforts?

You must not hesitate to dig deep to find the answers to the above-mentioned questions. It is absolutely fine to have an hour-long conversation with an admission counselor or school management. If they hesitate then you have found the answer to your question.

How the balance between personal care and technology is maintained?

There is no denying the fact that we are in an age of modern classrooms but the personal care of the teacher has not lost any relevance and a school who have finely tuned the balance between the two can be regarded as the best institute for school admission.

We suggest you request and sit for a class to observe, analyze and understand how smart classrooms are put into use while paying equal footing on personal care.

Does the school support co-curricular activities?

Along with the textbook, the children must be introduced to sports, arts, culture, music, and athletics to bring about complete development. If the school is passive in inter-school and inter-house activities then it is not a multi-dimensional educational institute.

A holistic school will encourage students to participate by providing equal opportunities to all. The designated sports, arts, and music teachers will identify the interest and help students to polish their skills.

If you are in search of a school that satisfies all the above-mentioned criteria then North Point Residential School, Ranidanga, Siliguri is a school you must visit as it is ranked the 2nd best CBSE boarding cum day school in West Bengal and has stood up in all the parameters to transform the lives of the students.