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From Scrum to Strength: Felsted Student Tackles Powerlifting Success

By May 8, 2024No Comments

Felsted School student, 17-year-old Peter S has made a remarkable achievement at the Eleiko British Junior Championships held at Gymshark Lifting Club in Solihull. Organised by the Great British Powerlifting Federation, the competition witnessed Peter’s outstanding performance coming third in Great Britain – second in England – showcasing his dedication, resilience, and talent in the realm of powerlifting.
A powerlifting competition demands strength, precision, and adherence to strict rules, with lifts such as squat, bench, and deadlift meticulously judged by three referees. Peter, competing in the 93-105kg weight class as an under-18 athlete, faced a formidable challenge as he weighed in at 94kg, significantly lighter than his competitors. Despite this, Peter demonstrated unparalleled skill and determination, breaking regional records for both squat and deadlift – thus securing regional records in both lifts across two separate weight classes.

Reflecting on his achievement, Peter remarked, “After focusing completely on the [rugby] final at Twickenham to reap the reward of a shared feeling of success with some of my closest friends, I had low expectations for [the Powerlifting] Nationals just 9 days later,” he went on to say; “I am not sure the highs of the success over the past few weeks has fully sunk in but I can easily say both the final at Twickenham and nationals were some of the best experiences of my life and it is truly a month I will never forget. I am also extremely grateful for the overwhelming support I have been given.”

Chris Townsend, Head of Felsted School, commented; “Peter’s dedication to his sport exemplifies the values of perseverance and excellence that we endeavour to nurture within our students here at Felsted. He should be very proud of his success, it is a testament to his hard work and determination.”
Peter’s journey to the championships was not without challenges. Overcoming a six-month injury sustained the previous year, he persevered with unwavering focus and commitment, supported by the Felsted community. Despite external coaching for his training program, Peter acknowledges the invaluable support provided by Felsted School, and the encouragement from various faculty members including his coach, Felsted’s Head of Rugby, Andrew Le Chevalier, and Felsted School Gym staff members Andy Zucker and Sam Hyde, whom Peter credits with encouraging him to take up powerlifting in the begin.
Looking ahead, Peter is thrilled to have been selected for the Team GB Powerlifting training camp in May and remains determined to represent Great Britain at the World Championships in Malta and the European Championships in the Czech Republic. His aspirations extend beyond national recognition, with plans to continue refining his skills and pursuing excellence in powerlifting.

Beyond his sporting achievements, Peter’s journey exemplifies the holistic development fostered at Felsted School. From his initial foray into weightlifting during lockdown to his seamless transition to the school’s gym, Peter’s growth as an athlete and individual reflects the values of perseverance and resilience instilled at Felsted.
Felsted offers its pupils an abundance of co-curricular opportunities to balance their academic careers; from Journalism, CCF and Duke of Edinburgh to Cookery, Debating and Creative Writing and many more besides. Felsted pupils are encouraged to develop as well-rounded individuals with wide interests and passions to take forward into their adult lives and make a positive difference in the world. “You won’t find many schools with a longer list of extracurricular options,” commented The Good Schools Guide. “There’s a great mix of opportunities in things such as music and sport – children have time to develop interests that they can take on with them later”.