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Kids International School students learn to identify fake news

By July 25, 2023No Comments

SteelCity Digital Media organises workshop on Fact vs. Fake

Jamshedpur, July 24: A workshop on Fact vs. Fake was organized at Kids International School, where the team from SteelCity Digital Media imparted valuable knowledge to the students about identifying fake news and conducting fact-finding exercises. In the informative workshop, Tanveer Ahsan and Abhishek Bhakat educated the children about different types of fake news and shared techniques for fact-checking. They also provided insights on using the internet safely and being cautious about fraud and fake news circulating on social media platforms.

Highlighting the significance of the internet in today’s world, Tanveer Ahsan emphasized that India has one of the largest population of internet users, making it crucial to tackle the easy virality of fake news that leads to social and economic losses. Ahsan expressed hope that students would play a pivotal role in combating fake news in the future.

School Principal, Rukhsar Ayesha, expressed her satisfaction with the students’ engagement in learning how to avoid and verify fake news. She stressed the importance of empowering the youth with such knowledge to ensure a safer internet experience for all.